What women want?

This is the question lots of men are wondering about. It is never easy to please women. It sure can be, because women are moody and do not know what they want very often. But it also can be, that they know what they want, but are not getting it.

Moodiness on the other hand, can be caused by lots of factors. An there is no such factor like “I just want to be moody today”. It can be the result of never sleeping hormones in women´s body. Only if you consider that period time lasts whole month, not only one week. It starts with period, which is nothing comfortable. After the period is finished, there is a week or about ten days, where women usually feel great, they feel rested, powerful, ready to start new projects, they want to have sex more often, they get aroused easier and they feel lots of positive emotions and feelings. But then there is another week coming, when ovulation comes. This can be already painful times for some ladies and it usually comes (again) with bloating belly, which is nothing comfortable again. After ovulation, there is time, when pimples and skin spots breakout. This might be due to hormones or due to bigger appetite for unhealthy food or sweets. But again, due to hormones. And the cycle is finished with a brand-new period coming.


I don´t want to even start with the influence of new moon or full moon on people´s mindsets and sleep routine. Because this is also great source of disbalance, that can lead to “moodiness”.


If you consider only these facts, you can tell, why women are sometimes (or very often) just moody, or just not in the mood, or just do not know, what they want at this point. Treat them with a present in shape of women body massage. This kind of massage will make them happier, satisfied, relaxed and most importantly helps to calm them down.